Public Works
Upper Pittsgrove Township
431 Route 77, Elmer, NJ, 08318
856-358-1160 fax
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Public Works Department
The Public Works Department is responsible
for the maintenance of
  • township streets and roads
  • street marking and traffic signs
  • right of way mowing, snow removal
  • township facilities, property, and recreation areas.
You also may see our Public Works staff around the Borough
of Elmer. They provide public works services there through
a shared services agreement.

Road Maintenance/Damage/Safety Issues Contact:
Road maintenance and safety issues, including dead deer,
tall grass, potholes, debris, sign damage, etc. can be
reported to the Public Works Department, however it is
only responsible for township road issues. Please contact
the entity responsible for the road for any safety and
maintenance issues -
click here for road list:
Township Roads:   
  • Township Public Works - 856-358-0466
Salem County Roads:
  • Roads - County Public Works: 856-769-0453
  • Gas Lines - County Engineer Dept: 856-935-7510 ext.
State Highways: contact 856-358-8813 and/or report on the
following web site:

Chipping Services - April and October
The department provides twice yearly chipping services for
township residents, and chipping as needed following
major storms.  Chipping services are available during the
months of  April and October. Call the Public Works Dept.
(358-0466) and leave a message with your name and address
and they will put you on the list for when they are in your
area.  This service is for normal seasonal trimming of trees
and shrubs with a branch diameter of 3 inches or less.
acceptable load size is at the discretion of the Public
Works Superintendent.
 Place brush on the edge of the
road with cut ends facing the road.  Township staff and
vehicles are not permitted on private property to chip
Public Works Department
431 Route 77
Elmer, NJ  08318
Barry Foote, Superintendent
Brian Coles, Foreman
Gary Hymer, Truck Driver
Did you know...there are
41.4 miles of township roads,
45.4 miles county roads,
and 17.8 miles of state roads,
for a total of
104.6 miles of roads
in Upper Pittsgrove Township?
for the list of township roads
and their jurisdiction
(township, county, state).

Informational Flyer

Educational Display w/Handouts
Viewable in the Municipal Building
during November