Tax Assessor
The Tax Assessor is responsible for data involving the value and
ownership of property located in Upper Pittsgrove Township. The
Assessor handles all property assessments, deed transfers, property
owner mailing address changes, tax exempt applications, and 200'
property lists (for land use board applications).

Revaluation Information:

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Tax Assessment Map
The 2019 Upper Pittsgrove Township Tax Assessment Map is for
informational purposes only. Upper Pittsgrove Township does not
assume any responsibility for the accuracy or currency of the data or
information contained herein, and such data or information should
not be used for legal surveys, mark outs, boundary determinations,
etc. The Tax Map is updated once a year.

Farmland Assessment
New Jersey’s Farmland Assessment Act provides for a lower tax
assessment based on productivity of farmland if it meets specific
eligibility criteria. Owners of farmland assessed property must apply
annually by
August 1st of each year. Forms are sent out to owners of
farmland assessed property by early July, and are also available as a
fillable files to download (
best printed on legal size paper):
  1. Reminder to Farmland Assessment Applicants
  2. Application for Farmland Assessment Form FA-1 or Woodland
    Data Form AND
  3. Supplemental FA Gross Sales Form FA-1 GS
For more details about farmland assessment and how to qualify
contact the Tax Assessor.

Property Tax Deductions
Property tax deductions and/or exemptions may be available to
Veterans, Seniors, Disabled Citizens. A $250 deduction is
available for income qualified homeowners who are 65 years and older
or disabled, and veterans or a surviving spouse of a veteran. Disabled
veterans or surviving spouse may be entitled to full exemption from
property taxes. For an application or more information about these
programs contact the Tax Assessor during office hours.

Tax Appeals
Property owners seeking a reduction in assessment may file an appeal
with the
Salem County Board of Taxation on or before April 1 of each
year.  Visit the
Salem County Board of Taxation web site for more

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