Tax Collector
The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of real
estate taxes, delinquencies, and billing adjustments. Tax bills are
mailed in July; payment is due quarterly on
August 1, November ,
February 1
, and May 1. Unless you are otherwise notified (see your
tax bill or visit the 'latest news' on our
home page), payment must
reach our office
by the 10th of each tax quarter. Payments received
after the 10th will be considered delinquent and subject to interest
from the due date of the 1st. Taxes may be paid with cash, personal
or certified checks, and money orders.

2020 tax rates:
1. Local Purpose = $0.192
2. School = $1.307
3. County = $1.184
4. County Open Space = $0.020
5. Municipal Open Space = $0.020
Total = $2.723

If you have questions regarding tax rates call the Tax Office during
regular business hours or contact the individual taxing authority:
School Tax -
Upper Pittsgrove School
County Tax - Salem County Tax Board
If you have questions about your property tax assessment contact
Tax Assessor.

Property Tax Relief Programs: The State of NJ offer the following
roperty Tax Relief Programs based on current law and subject to
  • The Property Tax Reimbursement Program (Senior Freeze or
    the Blue Book): This program reimburses eligible seniors for
    property tax increases. For more information on this program
    call our office or visit the above link.

  • Homestead Rebate: The Homestead Rebate may be available
    to some taxpayers; the eligibility requirements and benefit
    are determined by the state as part of the budget process (by
    July 1 of each year). Click on the above link for more

  • Veterans, Seniors, Disabled Citizens: A property tax deduction
    or exemption is available to eligible citizens. A $250 deduction
    is available for income qualified homeowners who are 65 years
    and older or disabled, and veterans or a surviving spouse of a
    veteran. Disabled veterans or surviving spouse may be entitled
    to full exemption from property taxes. Please call or visit
    during Tax Office business hours for forms, applications,
    and/or more information.

Links to more information about taxes:
Tax Collector
Upper Pittsgrove Township
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856-358-1160 fax
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Upper Pittsgrove Township
Tax Office
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Elmer, NJ  08318
856-358-1160 fax
Susan DeFrancesco

Assistant Tax Collector
Krissy DeFrehn

Office Hours
Wednesday  9:00 am-3:00 pm
Thursday     9:00 am-1:00 pm

The Tax Office may be open
additional days during quarterly tax
due dates; visit the
home page for
any changes to the regular office
hours listed above.

Taxes may be dropped off
during regular Municipal Building
hours, but they cannot be
officially received until the
next day the tax office is open.
A drop box is also available on the
side door facing Route 77 that can be
utilized anytime the Municipal
Building is not open.