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Township Committees            Committee Chairperson

Convenience Center                Bruce Bishop

Building & Grounds                 Bruce Bishop

Joint Insurance Fund               Jack Cimprich

Municipal Alliance                    Michael Seery

Personnel                                  Edward Meschi

Roads                                         Bruce Bishop

Recreation                                 David Zeck

School Board Liaison                David Zeck

Land Use                                    Jack Cimprich

Farmland Preservation              Jack Cimprich
Finance                                       Edward Meschi
American Legion Ambulance   Edward Meschi

Township Committee

Upper Pittsgrove Township is governed under the township
form of New Jersey municipal governments. Five members
are elected at large in partisan elections to serve 3-year
terms on a staggered basis, with 1 or 2 seats coming up for
election each year.  At the annual reorganization meeting
the committee selects one member to serve as mayor. The
Township Committee meets monthly at the Municipal
Building on Route 77 on the second Tuesday at 7:00 pm
unless otherwise posted.


Edward J. Meschi, Mayor
David A. Zeck, Sr., Deputy Mayor
Bruce Bishop
Jack Cimprich
Michael J. Seery, Sr.


Regular Meeting

Tuesday - December 12,  2023

2023 Annual Financial Statement


2023 Adopted Budget

2022 Audit Report


2023 Ordinances










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